Kramer Metals, Inc. is an independent California Corporation. Founded in the late 1930’s, Kramer Metals, Inc. has been serving Southern California industry for over 70 years. Kramer Metals, Inc. is located in the heart of the City of Los Angeles and operates two plants in areas that are zoned heavy industrial.

The West Plant is dedicated to the processing of all grades of ferrous scrap metal, such as, iron, tin, steel, automobile hulks and appliances. The East Plant, which houses our main offices, processes only Non-Ferrous and Alloy scrap metals. Alloy scrap is handled through Spectrum Alloys, Inc., which is wholly owned by Kramer Metals, Inc.

What differentiates Kramer Metals, Inc. from our competitors?

Customers expect us to manage their scrap metal. What they don’t expect is all the extra services Kramer Metals, Inc. provides! Call to learn more today and visit our new site launching December 20, 2017.