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Revised July 2012: In order to provide a safe and healthful workplace for our employees and customers, and to comply with state and federal environmental regulations, it is necessary for us to prohibit the purchase and/or delivery of scrap containing or attached to any the following materials to all Kramer Metals plants:

• No flammable or combustible materials including gasoline, diesel fuel and other petroleum products.
• Automobiles must have all fluids (oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, anti-freeze or other fluids) drained and their batteries, Mercury (Hg) convenience light switches and airbags removed prior to delivery to Kramer Metals, Inc. No other items shall be stuffed or otherwise added in the car or in the trunk.
• No un-drained motor blocks... no motor blocks with oil still in them and/or filters attached.
• Radioactive materials and/or containers.
• Drums, barrels, containers or lids that are not certified clean or “California Empty”.
• Material with asbestos insulation and/or gaskets.
• Containers or cylinders, pressurized, closed or formerly containing hazardous materials.
• Mercury (Hg) control switches.
• Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
• PCB ballast’s and capacitors.
• Transformers not certified clean (under 30ppm) and free of both PCB and non-PCB oil.
• Tanks, vessels, condensers and tube nests not certified clean.
• Hazardous waste, Toxic Waste and/or Hazardous Materials of any kind.
• All free-flowing hazardous and non-hazardous liquids including manufacturing oils, fluids, solutions, grease or lubricating materials, gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, antifreeze, hydraulic oil, paint and water.
• Explosives or potential explosives of any kind including ammunition fuses, shells and other ordnance.
• Poisons, infectious materials or chemicals of any kind in solid, powder, liquid or gaseous form.
• Non-recyclable materials of any kind including putrescible and non-putrescible waste, garbage, rags, dirt, concrete, asphalt, tires, trash or other debris and/or non-metallics.

These materials will be rejected and the customer will be notified via fax, phone and mail and state and federal agencies will be notified as required by law. Unless otherwise prohibited by law, the rejected materials will be placed back on the customer’s truck and returned or, if originally transported by our vehicle(s), the rejected materials will be placed back on our truck(s) and returned to the customer at the customer’s sole expense for proper disposal. Thank you for your cooperation.