“The management and employees of Kramer Metals, Inc. and all of our affiliated companies are committed to ensuring that our scrap metal processing and recycling activities and our service and support activities are conducted under the highest moral and ethical codes. We are committed to maintaining our facilities in a safe and clean manner. We will work safely, or not at all. We will always treat our employees and our customers with respect. We are committed to treating our world and our environment with respect and we will not be a contributor to the pollution of our world or of our environment. We shall accomplish this by following the laws of our government and by initiating our own rules and policies. We will ensure that the people and the companies that consume our materials and that provide services to our companies maintain similar standards for protecting the environment. By our nature, we are committed to reducing waste, reusing where appropriate, and recycling. Our employees and our customers are our success.”

History & Expertise

Kramer Metals, Inc. is an independent California Corporation.

Founded in the late 1930’s, Kramer Metals, Inc. has been serving Southern California industry for over 80 years. Kramer Metals, Inc. is located in the heart of the City of Los Angeles and operates two plants in areas that are zoned heavy industrial.

The operations are dedicated to the processing of all grades of ferrous scrap metal, such as, iron, tin, steel, automobile hulks and appliances, non-ferrous and alloy scrap metals.

The operations is the oldest operating scrap metal processing and recycling company in the region and serves industry as well as other scrap metal dealers. Kramer Metals specializes in direct shipments of cast iron and steel scrap to domestic steel mills and foundries by truck and rail and is one of the largest regional shippers of containerized steel scrap to overseas consumers.

Stanley Kramer, Chairman & CEO

Doug Kramer, President


Kramer Metals operates fully integrated facilities. That means that we can fully process all grades of ferrous, non-ferrous and alloy scrap metals. We do not require any outside processing service to help us handle the materials that we buy. This capability allows a chain of custody to be established for every pound of scrap metal we handle; from the time we receive material to the time that material is shipped, we maintain control. Some of our processing capabilities include baling, briquetting, torch cutting, plasma cutting, shearing, crushing and shredding.

We also operate our own fleet of trucks, which service an area from Bakersfield, CA to the Mexican border. Our dispatch and logistics department can arrange for any other domestic or international transportation needs. In addition, we also maintain a complete maintenance facility with full-time mechanics and a complete fabrication shop with full-time welder/fabricators to fully maintain all of our equipment and machinery. All of this is done on over 300,000 square feet of processing facilities.

Professional Associations

Kramer Metals and/or the owners are members of the following:

• The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI)
• Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS) Charter Member
• The National Demolition Association (NDA)
• ASM International
• The Steel Recycling Institute
• COSE - Circle of Safety Excellence Charter Member
• Greater Los Angeles Better Business Bureau

Community Relations

Kramer Metals has an exceptional relationship with the City and County of Los Angeles. We are active in the residential and business community, members of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Newton Division Boosters, supporters of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Century Station, supporters of the Special Olympics and enjoy a good relationship with grass roots groups, community groups and civic organizations.