What differentiates Kramer Metals, Inc. from our competitors?

Customers expect us to manage their scrap metal. What they don’t expect is all the extra services Kramer Metals, Inc. provides! Here’s a snapshot of how we go the extra mile:

• Our Scrap Management Consultants will work with you to integrate the scrap process into your production process. A scrap management system, properly designed, can be done without requiring extra time or labor on the manufacturing floor (for example, place scrap bins at the source where scrap is generated, etc.).

• Training your staff how to sort scrap to maximize the revenue paid for each type of metal. We don’t want the tail wagging the dog – your job is your production of product, not scrap management. With training, both can be accomplished, reducing your costs and increasing your revenues.

• Passing on Best Practices we learn. Our best ideas come from our customers. If one customer finds a unique solution to a scrap management challenge, with their permission we do our best to share that solution with other customers.

• We encourage our customers and our prospective customers to visit our scrap recycling operations. You run a tidy ship because it’s efficient to do so. So do we, and it’s usually a shock to our visitors when they see a “scrap yard” that is neat and tidy and well-organized.

• We carry our "tidy" philosophy to your drop box as well. When we pick up a drop box, of course our driver will be sweeping up around the box. When we pick up your metal, we want it to look like we weren’t ever there. It’s not something we do when asked – it’s something we just always do.

• At Kramer Metals, Inc. we track each load all the way through the process. A computerized “audit trail” like ours is highly unusual in the scrap metal industry. On our reports you can see what was sold, how it traveled, and what you were compensated.

• Our people have decades of experience in the scrap metal recycling industry. We understand global markets and how they move. We are highly skilled and experienced at identifying and grading various metals, which makes us confident in exactly what we are buying from you, and therefore maximizes the amount per pound that we can pay out to you.

Most importantly, we stay in touch with our customers, listening and learning how we can serve you better, understanding the details, working with them to make their scrap recycling process easier and more profitable, and providing expert answers to your questions.