Scrap Management Program & Plan For Our Industrial Customers

Not sure how to manage your scrap metal? It’s easy when you take advantage of Kramer Metals’ Scrap Management Program, available to our industrial customers upon request. Effective management of your company’s scrap metal results in greater savings. And the best part? It’s not that difficult to do when you rely on the seasoned professionals at Kramer Metals, Inc. One of our scrap metal experts will perform an on-site assessment of how you generate scrap, evaluate your current management of scrap and walk you through a streamlined process to maximize your scrap handling

Scrap Management Assessment:

• One or two site visits at your facility
• Review of how your scrap metal is produced, contained, and moved around your facility
• Gain an understanding of your containment needs. For example, some customers need to minimize the floor space for scrap containment, and will place a drop box in the parking lot. Others have a shortage of parking spaces and would prefer to use a scrap container inside, or have a smaller drop box with more frequent pick-ups
• Catalog the types of metal scrap produced at your business
• Determine the degree to which scrap metal is currently sorted
• Discuss your goals regarding your labor utilization in managing scrap

Scrap Management Plan:

Following the Scrap Assessment, we will prepare a recommended Scrap Management Plan, outlining key points as follows:

• The four options for scrap containment and our recommendations
• Suggestions for sorting your scrap – pre-sorting at your facility may increase the price we can pay for your scrap
• If pre-sorting is advised, we will provide further recommendations on how to reduce the labor costs of sorting, such as sorting at the point of origin • Determine container size, configuration, location, and pick-up frequency
• Recommendations on making management of your scrap seamless, out of sight, and problem-free

Pricing Program:

In preparing your Scrap Management Plan, we will also create a Pricing Program. The goal of our Pricing Program is to provide transparency to you regarding the metals market and how your scrap pricing is calculated. Your company buys metal, so you are aware of price fluctuations. Scrap prices also fluctuate and you should expect that when metal prices go up, the price we pay you for your scrap will similarly track upward. Our Pricing Program will provide that updated information to you.